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Personal Financial Strategies

Our Process

Your Vision – Your Goals– Your Future

Sandler’s financial professionals are highly trained professionals, well versed in the complexities of today’s global market, and have experience in managing both risk and assets. Sandler Financial listens first and prepares later.

Your financial strategy is driven by your vision for your future. Sandler believes each client has a unique life path, including unique challenges and opportunities. It’s our goal to help facilitate your desires for your personal path.

Here is a bit of what the process looks like:

  1. Goal Clarification
    The first step is to ask yourself some "What" questions. What do I want financially? What do I need financially? What are my short- and long-term financial goals? What big events (School, weddings, retirement, elder care) do I need to plan for? What "Big Thing!" would I do if I had the money? Finally, you need to ask some "What if" questions. What if Dad needs to go to a nursing home? What if my spouse becomes ill or dies? What if we sell the house, move to Italy and paint frescos for the rest of our lives?
  2. Discovery
    Investments, annuities, life insurance policies, 401k’s , IRA’s, bank accounts, loans, mortgages, trusts, wills, and lists of potential needs and opportunities. We’ll review each of your documents in light of the goals you’ve shared with us.
  3. Analyze
    Once we have your information in hand, we’ll complete an in depth review of your assets, liabilities and goals. It can be confusing to see how each piece of your financial puzzle relates to the other. Throw in the uncertainty of the markets, and your own personal plans, and it quickly becomes a daunting task. Our financial professionals excel at exactly this type of analysis. We’ll run the numbers, factor in the "What ifs" and devise a strategy tailored to your situation.
  4. Suggestion/Implementation
    It’s important to notice that your strategy comes with suggestions – plural. In life, there are always options. Yours is a unique situation and no one strategy will be sufficient. Our Financial Advisors will lay out a set of options for you to consider.

    Together, you will settle on the strategy that fits comfortably in your hand, helping you to navigate your future with confidence. This is where the careful preparation can begin to pay off. Your Sandler Financial Advisor will help you implement the strategy you devised in a manner that optimizes each decision. You will be able to rest easier, knowing that you' made wise decisions about your financial future.
  5. Review/Pivot
    Things change. As solid as your financial strategy may be, it’s important to give it a good review every so often. With the volatility of today’s financial markets, the ability to quickly team with a Sandler Financial Advisor is invaluable. Sandler Financial Advisors are steeped in market research, so you won’t be caught off guard by a significant change. Protect your assets, and limit your liability, by periodically meeting with your Sandler Financial Advisor to review your strategy.