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Personal Planning Strategies

Protecting Against Financial Crisis

Sandler Financial Advisors will help you strike the right balance between offense and defense. Your offensive strategy is designed to help you enhance your return on investments based on your goals and risk tolerance. So far, so good. Then, to help assure your future is secure, Sandler will work with you to insure against potential crises: loss of a job, a serious illness, or the death of a spouse. This way, you know your future may be both prosperous and protected.

Saving For Major Expenses

Let’s be honest. Many of life’s most joyous occurrences are also quite costly. The joy of walking your daughter down the aisle blends nicely with the tears you shed when you pay for her dream played out in grand style. The college education for your three budding professionals; the new car/house/boat you and your spouse can no longer resist. The good news is that Sandler will help you get there, with a solid strategy and without breaking the bank. So, go ahead – enjoy!

Investment Strategies

It can rightly be said that the only thing certain about the markets is their uncertainty. This is why Sandler Financial Advisors are perpetual students. They want to be current with today’s market, not the recap of last year’s market. Combining Sandler’s up-to-the-minute knowledge with your unique financial strategy puts you on solid footing, in the best position for today and tomorrow. Your personal strategy spells out your level of risk tolerance, and your objectives and time frames in specific detail. Your goals – Sandler’s experience. It’s a winning team.

Tax Strategies

Yes, the Taxman cometh. But, with the help of Sandler Financial, his roar has given way to a whimper. Sandler Financial Advisors stay abreast of tax law changes each year, and at projecting federal income taxes. Together with your tax professional, you and your advisor will develop a comprehensive tax strategy that works in your favor. Before you know it, April 15th will be just another ordinary day.

Retirement Strategies

This is where you establish the financial answers to the “What if” questions you and your advisor have outlined. Retirement may be years, even decades, away. But, with or without a strategy, today’s little details become full-grown issues seemingly overnight.  So, let your Sandler Financial Advisor help you estimate your retirement income and expenses, calculate the value of future government programs, and help determine how much need to save to meet your goals. A little preparation now will turn those full-grown issues into welcome opportunities.

Estate Planning Strategies

Estate Planning strategy is the best way to ensure your assets are distributed in the manner you desire. Your Sandler Financial Advisor will work with your attorney to detail your assets, clarify your stated financial wishes, and develop a strategy that both minimizes estate taxes and provides funding for their payment.  You will know you’ve made solid decisions that will facilitate an orderly distribution of your estate – an act of kindness that will greatly benefit your loved ones.